AvS – International Trusted Advisors

Tailored Advice on Governance and Leadership

The firm and its philosophy

Providing the top decision-makers of privately-held companies with senior level advice on key issues of governance and leadership

Leading and accompanying our clients through their critical transitions with consistent tailor-made solutions at the highest possible levels of quality and diligence

Creating significant value and building lasting relationships as “Trusted Advisors”

Advice on governance and leadership

We advise the top decision-makers of privately held companies in key matters of governance and leadership.

Our clients are typically owners, board members, or top executives of companies whose ownership is in the hands of a limited number of individuals.

In many cases these are family-owned enterprises, or companies that are publicly listed but remain strongly influenced by a family or another individual shareholder group.

The Trusted Advisor

THE TRUSTED ADVISOR is our firm’s twice-yearly publication, featuring not only articles and insights derived from our project work but also guest posts and interviews with leading business figures. They offer food-for-thought and practical advice on a variety of key topics in the leadership, corporate governance and strategy domains.

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