Ownership Planning

Planning and coordinating transfers of ownership

The transfer of wealth is often a complex exercise and laden with complicated, multi-jurisdictional legal and tax challenges. Too often, though, ownership planning is mainly driven by tax optimisation. The power of a successful transition, however, lies in an over-arching strategy and objectives putting the shareholders in the centre.

We work with current – and future – generations on ownership planning, helping them to think through their fundamental objectives, priorities, and risk preferences. This enables our clients to provide a clear and detailed briefing to their legal and tax advisors. Our services can entail:

  • Workshops moderated by our senior advisors to discuss long-term financial and non-financial objectives, including topics like impact investing and philanthropy.
  • Analysing and discussing alternative structures, governance models and estate options.
  • Analysing, discussing and implementing new governance institutions (e.g. foundations or trusts).
  • Supporting the implementation of the chosen path and coordinating the work of external advisors (the shareholder’s legal, tax, investment specialists).
  • Coaching and preparation for new roles (as part of the succession of owners and as part of the NextGen transition).
If you are considering a transfer of ownership, please reach out to see how we can help you plan and coordinate this transition.