Management Appraisal

Evaluating management performance and potential

Leading a business, you will find yourself in critical leadership situations in which human capital decisions set the ground for the future success of your organisation. Such situations may include:

  • Introduction of innovative product offerings and new business models that require the right people to steer a successful transformation: Digitalisation, Sustainability, and navigating the “New Normal”.
  • Rapid growth phases – or, to the contrary, scenarios in which an organisation appears “complacent” or is losing ground to competitors.
  • The arrival of a new CEO.
  • Mergers and acquisitions – either during the due diligence phase, or as part of the PMI process.
  • Turnaround or restructuring situations with cost/headcount reduction.

To take the best human capital decisions in such situations, you need to know which skills and competencies are required in a particular position – and if you have the right people in the right jobs. While “standard” appraisals mostly apply “performance-based prediction” and tend to only look at an executive’s performance to-date, our rigorous and effective appraisal process also includes their potential for future development. We therefore call it “Management Potential Analysis (MPA)”.

Our MPA is a refined and reliable process conceived and designed to:

  • Evaluate executives against a competency framework tailored to the specific objectives and strategic imperatives of the business.
  • Define and identify individuals’ key characteristics critical to delivering superior business performance.
  • Outline individual leadership potential as the combination of being able to successfully deal with new and unforeseen challenges, the capacity to strengthen existing capabilities, and to develop better ways of working together.
  • Provide clients with an assessment of how an executive’s competence rates versus internal and external benchmarks.

Our Management Potential Analysis provides you with a concise governance framework and clear recommendations for filling key positions, but also acts as a basis for strategic human capital planning and individual development.

If you seek to improve your human capital decision-making with an objective assessment based on a proven competency and potential model, please reach out to us.