Family Office Development

Establishing and professionalising Family Offices and Foundations

Planning for the long-term means not only making good people decisions but also setting up sustainable structures for managing the family’s wealth and interests. We support our clients with the organisation of their private assets, working with owning families on developing solutions for Family Foundations and Family Offices.

The decision to create a Single Family Office needs to be carefully considered; it can make sense once a certain ceiling of assets under management is reached. The size of the organisation and the services provided can vary significantly. Depending on how the specific assets are structured, sometimes just a few professionals to administer the portfolio might be required; in other cases, a much more complex organisation with investment, real estate, tax and other specialists needs to be established. We can help define the purpose and objectives, as well as the most effective structure of a Family Office. We also assist in the continued development of an existing Family Office, including the evaluation and recruitment of its leaders.

Trusts and Foundations

In order to secure a family business and family assets beyond the death of the owner, the legal institution of the Foundation in its various forms is becoming increasingly important.

In the area of succession, creating a trust or foundation offers versatile possibilities to maintain the independence of a family business across generations and to secure the family financially over the long-term. In particular, trust and foundation solutions can be an alternative to the arrangement of a permanent execution of a will. In addition to the establishment of a charitable foundation, alternative foundation models such as the establishment of a family foundation or the implementation of a double foundation model can also be considered. We design executorship and foundation solutions, act as executors, and can take on roles in Supervisory and Advisory Boards.

If you are looking to set-up or professionalise a Family Office, Trust or Foundation, please reach out and learn how we can support you.