Des nouvelles de AvS Advisors

Susanne Lang to advise family enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region on commercial transformation & succession

October 2022

Helene Grimm to advise international start-ups and family businesses on leadership and ‘Next Generation’ projects

July 2021

Andreas von Specht as one of the 100 most influential advisors of family businesses in the world

August 2020

Wardhana & Co is our new cooperation partner

July 2020

New office in Munich

June 2020

Global study with PwC and INSEAD

September 2019

Joint event with Simmons & Simmons

September 2019

New consultants in Frankfurt

June 2019

Christian Bühring-Uhle as speaker at the « Catedra Europa Conference » of the University of Barranquilla

March 2019

Global cooperation with PwC and INSEAD

October 2018

News from our Latin American practice

March 2018

New consultant in Bogotá

February 2018

Andreas von Specht moderated a panel discussion at the « EY Global Family Business Summit » in Monte Carlo

June 2017

Relocation of the Hamburg office

April 2017

Publication of a European study on « External Executives in Family Companies »

November 2016

Engagement of Dr. Christian Bühring-Uhle in Latin America

October 2016

New staff at our Frankfurt office

October 2016

Presentation of a European study on « External Executives in Family Companies » in collaboration with EY

May 2016

New office in Geneva

May 2016

Latin America practice is growing

May 2016

New website and e-mail addresses

April 2016

New consultant and new office in Geneva

May 2015

New Senior Advisors in Bogotá

April 2015

Expansion of our network of cooperation partners

March 2015

New office in Bogotá (Colombia)

February 2015

Late summer reception in Frankfurt am Main

January 2015