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Alexandra Jequier as guest host on INSEAD’s Family Business Podcast

Our colleague Alexandra Jequier is the guest host of the latest episode of the INSEAD Family Business Podcast, which delves into the intricacies of succession planning and NextGen transition in family enterprises. Titled “Transition to Next-Gen: Rewriting the Rules of Succession,” this episode features Marie and Valentine Barbier-Mueller, co-CEOs of SPG, who share their remarkable journey and insights into family business dynamics.

Marie and Valentine represent the third generation of their family enterprise, founded in Geneva by their grandfather in 1960. Since 2023, they have been at the helm of SPG, blending tradition with innovation in the real estate realm. Their story offers invaluable lessons on CEO leadership roles, managing familial and board relationships, the significance of female leaders, and preparing future generations for leadership.

In honor of International Women’s Day, INSEAD Family Business has dedicated a series of podcasts to female leaders making an impact in family enterprises, hosted by Dr. Martin Roll and in collaboration with AvS Advisors. This initiative aims to inspire current and future family business leaders, professionals, and the next generations on building long-term success, legacy, and impact in family businesses. Join us as we explore diverse topics crucial for the management and success of family businesses across generations. Let the stories and insights shared by our esteemed guests empower and inspire you on your own journey in the world of family business.

We hope this podcast series serves as a source of inspiration and guidance for all those passionate about the enduring legacy of family enterprises. Together, let’s celebrate and champion female leadership in family business!