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Non-executive directors in times of crisis

What has changed – and why Boards need to adapt

Designated survivor?

Family Businesses in the eye of the storm (4)
An international survey

Opportunity knocks

Familienunternehmen im Auge des Sturms (3)
Eine internationale Umfrage

Fighting spirit

Family Businesses in the eye of the storm (2)
An international survey

The survival test

Family Businesses in the eye of the storm (1)
An international survey

The legitimate owner

Appreciating the most important role in a company

New Executives need to be integrated

Why onboarding of new executives is not just “nice to have”

CEO succession: maximising success

Onboarding is an absolute must to ensure a smooth transition

Stumbling blocks for external executives

Interview with Martina Sandrock – advisor, NED and top executive

Agile: When the Squad is in charge

Core concepts and practical examples of agile management

It’s all in the blend

Why “Agile” isn’t always good and “Hierarchy“ isn’t always bad

The CEO as Social Architect

An Interview with Pascal Houdayer, CEO of NAOS

Leadership 4.0

Changing requirements on leadership in times of digitalisation

Digital Board Members

A do’s and don’ts guide for traditional Boards

The industry’s pace of change has never been so intense

An interview with Jan Zijderveld, CEO of Avon Products Inc.

No pain, no gain!

The critical role of diversity on Boards

Only the bold will survive

Why age diversity is an issue Boards should consider

How Board diversity drives company performance

An interview with Dr. Michael Hathorn, Professor of International Business

The critical role played by ownership strategy

Benefits of active and responsible ownership

Do’s and don’ts of successful company ownership

How to achieve the right impact as a company owner

Handing over the business to the next generation

An Interview with Dr. Andreas Jacobs, Member of the Supervisory Board of Jacobs Holding AG

Navigating through rough seas

Opportunities and risks of volatile markets for company leaders

Being a force for change

An interview with Frits van Paasschen, author of “The Disruptors’ Feast”

Adapting to adversity

How to evolve your leadership style and engage fit-for-purpose executives

Finding and binding

Competing for external top talents in family businesses

External managers: searching for outstanding talents with low egos

An interview with Peter Englisch, Partner and Global Family Business Leader at EY

How the Board ensures Good Governance

What to look for – and what to avoid – in effectively operating Boards

The Benefit Corporation

Building a culture of purpose as the business model of the future?

Benefitting society as well as shareholders

An interview with Lorna Davis, Chief Manifesto Catalyst at Danone

Talent seeks purpose

The implications for talent at ‘purpose driven’ companies

In or Out?

Perspectives on internal and external CEO appointments

Traditional values: a benchmark for start-ups?

On the importance of ‘traditional values’ for modern entrepreneurs

The success factor “external manager”

External filling of management positions in family-owned companies

A Blessing or a Curse

Family members in management (1): Challenges and risks

Navigating the Minefield

Family members in management (2): Success factors and advice

Allrounder with high social competence

Why the demands placed on chairmen of advisory boards are particularly high

The Challenge of Generational Succession

Entrepreneurial challenges in handing over the baton

Actively Managing Succession

The role of supervisory bodies in succession planning for CEOs

A little more than just gut feeling…

Competence-based assessment and evaluation of successors and managers